Souvenirs in Croatia

Souvenirs are keepsakes that remind you of a dear place. Traditional handicrafts such as embroidery, woodcarvings and ceramics make good souvenirs, as do Croatian-produced wine, olives oils….
Licitar hearts
Staying up north around the capital of Zagreb you’ll find a uniquely Croatian gift. Licitar hearts –  variously decorated honey biscuit, usually made in the shape of a heart, brightly red, with various decorations. The licitar heart is a sweet treat that all visitors of the central Croatia love to take home as a patchy souvenir. Licitar hearts often have messages written on them (such as love poems) or have a small mirror in the middle.The tradition of preparing and decorating licitars dates back to the 16th century and they became a symbol of Zagreb – during Christmas time Zagreb is adorned with thousands of licitars.
Croatian tie is a classic souvenir
Did you know that the tie, a universal symbol of sophistication and culture, originates from the Croats? Croatian soldiers had begun tying identifying scarves around their necks by the early 1600s. Because of the slight difference between the Croatian word for Croats, Hrvati, and the French word, Croates, the garment gained the name “cravat” (“cravate” in French).  Pick up a souvenir cravat from a Kravata Croata store, which can be found across the country.
Pag Lace
It is available in more upscale souvenir shops throughout Croatia.  The uniqueness of the Pag lace design and technique has been recognized as “Intangible Heritage” by Unesco. Pag’s lace can be bought directly from women who sew it in front of their houses, St Margaret convent or Galerija paške čipke in town of Pag.
Croatian rakija
Homemade Croatian rakija. By far the most popular Croatian rakija is travarica. In Dalmatia, you’ll find orahovica rakija made from walnuts and, often out on the islands, travarica, made from whatever herbs happen to be available.
Lavender blooms in June and July. If you visit Hvar in these months be prepared for sight and smell overload. Sachets of dried lavender flowers and lavender oil for your bath are the most common forms. The most popular product are little bags of dried lavender you can put in your closet for freshness and pleasant scent. You can buy numerous eco-lavender products when visiting the island of Hvar, but they can be found almost everywhere in Croatia.
Olive oil
Croatia has it own numerous olive tree plantations, and of course, it produces its own olive oil. Croatian olive oil is of high quality, natural, and renowned all over the world.  Buy directly from the local producers
Little red ornate cap –  Sibenik cap
Originally, it comes from Drniš area but it had taken its final form and slightly different orange tone in Šibenik. Cap is ornamented with black boules (shape similar to tendrils) and worn mostly during various local festivities. It can only be bought in the Šibenik area in many small local souvenir shops.