Medical treatment while on vacation in Croatia

Croatia doesn’t differ from any other central-European country regarding the possible health issues to country visitors.

You should apply for a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before you travel. If you’re in need of medical treatment while on vacation in Croatia, foreign visitors who have health insurance in their country are not obliged to pay for emergency medical services during their vacation in Republic of Croatia if a convention of Social Security has been signed between Croatia and their country. In a case that no such convention was signed a foreigner personally pays for medical treatments. EU residents are not billed for medical services pursuant to treaty. Emergency ambulances are usually located in small places, villages or smaller cities. Bear on mind that tourist ambulances are not partnered with HZZO, so your EHIC will not work there. Tourist ambulances are common on the islands or outside urban areas.
Bringing Medical Drugs for Personal Use When Traveling to Croatia
The importation of medical drugs for the personal needs of passengers is possible in the quantities needed for treatment up to a month (provided that the medical drugs have been approved by the competent authorities (FDA) of the country of origin) with the possession of appropriate medical documentation (transcript of disease history and physician letter).
Croatian pharmacies
They are widespread in most cities and places and clearly marked by a green cross. Croatian pharmacies are well equipped with the appropriate products which can be bought over the counter. Pharmacist could initially help you a lot on minor problems (sun burns, migraines…There always a pharmacy open for 24 hours in cities.