Town Umag

Umag is a port city with a picturesque Mediterranean style located on the northwest coast of the beautiful Istrian peninsula. A warm climate with an abundance of sunshine during most months of the year and high quality accommodation make Umag a popular holiday destination.Colourful houses emblazon the town, moulded together by narrow, cobbled streets leading to charming squares hosting bustling bars and cool cafes.The main street is not short of souvenir shops, which display art and crafts, including pottery, paintings, and wooden sculptures. The vibrant city of Umag offers festivals, carnivals and well-known sporting occasions all year round.Umag hinterland offers newly discovered tourist attractions like mountaineering, caving and other chances for adventure enthusiasts. If you visit Umag in the middle of July, make sure to visit Croatia Open Umag – the world famous tennis tournament that beside the best Croatian players, brings other world famous players.
What to visit in Umag
Visit the parish church of The Assumption of Virgin Mary and St. Peregrine, the patron saint of the city of Umag, and the church of St. Roche, built after the plague epidemics in 1507. Visit the sunken town of Sipar, believed to have been destroyed around 876, to see the remains of the sunken town.
Photo: Oleg-Sidorenko
Savudrija Lighthouse
Enjoy the view from the 200-year-old Savudrija Lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse on the Adriatic.  It also guards the old love story between the Austrian count Metternich and a girl Gisella whose secret love nest should’ve been right here, had Gisella survived her illness.
International Festival of Antique Sepomaia viva
Popular among the inhabitants and the guests, the historic festival Sepomaia viva  when Istria was ruled by the Romans. Taste food from the Roman times, performance of the antique dancers and gladiators, and the overview of the ancient times will be supplemented by the old trades’ workshops – pottery, stone-masonry and mosaic-making. Festival events last for three days starting on the first Monday in August.
Laguna Stella Maris Beach
Umag is known for its numerous crystal blue beaches along its long coastline.There are eight Blue Flag beaches in the Umag area. One of the best is Laguna Beach, a long stretch of sand and pebble, which slopes into the glass-clear Adriatic Sea. The beach offers sun loungers with parasols, showers, toilet facilities, cafés offering ice cream and refreshing beverages.  A tourist train will take you right to the beach.
Experience a two hour trip from Umag to Savudrija on the boat with the glass floor  you can see the beautiful underwater world, but also get a chance to touch them, because the ride includes a crew member diving to find some of the sea creatures to show (and then return back into the sea), but if you prefer land sports, you can find an adrenaline park, horseback riding center and hot air balloon club close to the town.
Around Umag
Numerous bike trails invite visitors to explore Umag’s surroundings in the best possible way.
Try day trip boat excursions to nearby beaches or take a day trip to Venice in Italy on fast hovercraft.
Food & Wine
Enjoy the delicious local Istrian cuisine. As you head for the town center, you will start to smell the aromas of Istrian delicacies spreading from the many restaurants along the Umag seafront. You can taste various meat or fish dishes, truffles, asparagus and other Istrian specialties. Local taverns that offer traditional Istrian food and small buffets perfect to grab a quick bite.
How to get there Umag
If you wish to travel from the Pula  (86km)airport to Umag, you first have to take the airport bus from Pula airport to the main bus station in Pula, from you then find the buses for Umag, or by car, depending on if you rent a car or not. In both ways, it is not a very long way.

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