Dubrovnik Restaurants for solo travelers and those with average budget

Restaurants for solo travelers and those with average budget
Restaurant Barba – Small place with a friendly vibe.
This cute little place is just off the main street in Dubrovnik Old town. Barba serve typical local ingredients in an excellent sandwiches, salmon and octopus with mascarpone, then fresh salad with scampi and parmesan cheese. Hamburgers come in combination with octopus, and pizza with seafood, and on the menu are fried squid, small fish.
Barba is located in the old town center in Boškovićeva 5.
Working hours: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Taj Mahal restaurant – meat lovers paradise
With Sevdah music and traditional Bosnian home cuisine, Taj Mahal is always a popular choice. This is definitely a place for meat lovers, but if you’re vegetarian there is plenty of options as well.It will delight you peppers with kajmak, meat and cheese platter, pita zeljanica, sirnica, bamija with veal, but of course the traditional Cevap and pie. Their Bosnian coffee is strong and their baklava big enough to share. Book in advance & before 8pm. After, the place gets crowded and you wait a lot to get your seat and to get your food. Do not be misled this is not an ‘Indian’ restaurant but one serving Bosnian / Turkish style food.
Taj Mahal  is located in the old town Ul.Gučetića 2 or Restaurant Taj Mahal (Hotel Lero) Hotel Lero Iva Vojnovića 14
Working hours: Sun – Sat  10:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Restaurant Nishta
Nishta is located in Dubrovnik’s Old Town, on the corner of Palmoticeva and Prijeko, off the Stradun. Firstly, if you definitely want to eat here, then you must book. This is the only place in Dubrovnik and around where you will have actual options for food as a vegan or vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. A varied menu with Mexican, Indian and SE Asian influenced food as well as Croatian. Have some lovely desserts and do not forget to ask about their cakes of the day! Even non vegans will enjoy their great meals!
Address:  Prijeko bb
Working hours: 11:20 AM – 10:00 PM  Sunday: CLOSED
Lady Pi-Pi 
Lady Pi Pi’s is without doubt a gem of Dubrovnik. You have to climb alot of steps to reach this quaint little restaurant but the views from the terrace over Dubrovnik are gorgeous. They do not take reservations so you may have to wait a bit to get a table. The Lady Pi Pi grill chefs bring the fresh produce up from the kitchen where it is prepared and grill it right opposite your table.Fish, steaks and sausages all come off the coals in fragrant, succulent form.
 Address: Antuninska 23 | Peline bb
Working hours:  9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Restaurant Dubrovnik
It features a beautifully friendly atmosphere and offers a relaxing rooftop terrace nestled amongst the ancient structures of the Old Town.The have good kid’s menu and perfect sea food and fishes. I recommend that you visit this restaurant but keep in mind that before you make a reservation becouse it is very popular.
Restaurant Sesame
Is located in a quaint green oasis just a couple of minutes away from the Old town, Dubrovnik, in the street leading towards Gradac park and Danče beach, favorite local spots. Sesame offers fantastic food and ambience; choose  home made ravioli with Ricotta cheese and mint, goats cheese souffle with prosciutto, risotto with sea truffles, spice crusted sea bass,slow cooked lamb, or Gregada.
 Address: Dantea Alighierija 2 (Pile)
Working hours: Sunday 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
                         Monday – Saturday – 11:00 PM
Soul Caffe & Rakhija Bar
If you are not fond of centrally located cafes swarming with visitors, then Soul Caffe is the place for you. It is located in a little alley in Dubrovnik’s Old Town. Soul Caffe offers good coffee, drinks and snacks (croissants etc.), also offers a wide selection of brandy and liqueurs. They play nice, not too loud music. In evenings – romantic atmosphere with candles and tables ideal for pairs.
Address:  Uska Ulica 5, Old City
Working hours: Sunday – Saturday – 8:00 AM – 2:00 AM
Pizzeria Castro
When you’re in Old Town and you wanna get some pizza visit this place. Pizzeria Castro is on an open square within the city walls. This is a nice place because there’s something for everyone, be they vegetarian or not.
Working hours: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Restaurant Rozario
This restaurant is a hidden gem of the city. Tucked in a small corner, you can indulge in the charm of the city and its residents away from the hustle and bustle. Restaurant Rozario offers excellent seafood and a variety of meat specialities.
Working hours:  Lunch: Daily 12 am – 5 pm
Dinner: Daily 5 pm – 11 pm
Address: Prijeko
Oyster & Bota Sushi bar – Amazing oysters and  wine
Freshly farmed shellfish from the famed oyster beds of Mali Ston are the star attraction at this open-air bar with high stools and high tables, beautifully situated on a raised terrace behind the cathedral.There are only ten tables or so, and if you plan to eat here, we highly recommend to you to make a reservation.
Address: Ul. Pustijerne bb, in the old town
Working hours: Sunday – Saturday 11:45 AM – 11:00 PM

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