Trsteno Arboretum

Trsteno Arboretum located in Trsteno, a small village right next to the sea, around 10km north of Dubrovnik. Arboretum rightfully is one of Dubrovnik top tourist attractions. It was built by the wealthy and powerful Gozze family in the late 15th century to house the plants and seeds they brought back from their travels. The garden is full of mostly Mediterranean and sub-tropical plants and they are great to explore. They also house a stunning belvedere pavilion that overlooks the Dalmatian coast and the Adriatic Sea, as well as a massive Baroque fountain of Neptune and his nymphs dating back from 1736. Don’t miss the two giant plane trees at the entrance to Trsteno village – each is more than 500 years old and around 50m high. The gardens are now known around the world for being the filming location for the palace gardens of Kings Landing in Game of Thrones. The arboretum was further severely damaged in 2000.  by a forest fire during a drought.
To get to Trsteno, catch local bus 12, 15, 22 or 35 from Dubrovnik’s bus station.

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