Lokrum Island hidden jewel in Dubrovnik

Unless you have your own boat  there’s only one way to visit Lokrum: by ferry from Dubrovnik harbor. The ferries leave throughout the day on a set schedule, and the fare is 96kn (14.51$)  per person, including entry fees to the Nature Reserve on Lokrum.
This island is a perfect day trip.The name Lokrum is derived from the Latin word acrumen, which means sour fruit. Maximilian Ferdinand of Hapsburg bought the Island of Lokrum in 1859 where he built a mansion complete with a beautiful garden of over one hundred exotic plant species from all around the world. The entire island has maps along all of the walking routes, so you can choose what to see and do.  Lokrum island abounds with wild peacocks who are friendly enough for you to get up close to them. You can start by swimming in the island’s very own Dead Sea ( Mrtvo more ), a small, salt  lake that is only 33 feet (10 meters) deep.
Since Lokrum has no permanent residents, there aren’t a ton of amenities on the island, but you can enjoy lunch at a few restaurants.Wear a pair of reasonable walking shoes, and be sure to bring water if it’s a hot day.Legend has it that the island is cursed- after a monastery was closed and the Benedictine monks were expelled from the island by the French, the monks are said to have placed a curse condemning anyone who tried to take and use the island for their own pleasure.

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