Lighthouse – Vacation for the soul and body

After the beaches hidden in the beautiful coves that you can visit by boat and the beautiful old Dalmatian stone houses, today we will discover the most beautiful Croatian lighthouses. Located on small islands or along the edge of the coast lighthouses are becoming increasingly popular alternative.
Lighthouse Grebeni Dubrovnik
Built in 1872 and completely renovated in 2012. Lighthouse Grebeni brings the perfect blend of luxury, tradition and peace.The accommodation facility Lighthouse Greben is located on the island of Greben near Dubrovnik, and offers a sun terrace and a private beach. Outside pool, located on the terrace, is filled with sea water.
The lighthouse consists of 5 bedrooms, of which 3 are with double beds and 2 with single beds, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and living room with a pull-out bed. If you want to leave your peaceful oasis shortly, 24 hours a day is available for you as well as a speedboat that comes with you in the shortest possible time.
Lighthouse Veli rat
The Veli Rat or Punta Bjankai lighthouse was built in 1849, 42 meters high and is today the highest lighthouse on the Adriatic. In the courtyard there is the chapel of Sv. Nicholas, a sailor’s protector, in which the Roman Missal of 1869 was coined. Surrounded by dense pine trees, beautiful bays and pebble beaches. You can reach the lighthouse by a car, and it is possible to regularly supply the necessary groceries.
Lighthouse Prišnjak 
Prišnjak is located about three hundred meters from the island of Murter, built in 1886 to direct seafarers to the island of Murter. Concrete entrance with stairs allows easy entry into the sea, and in the other part of the islet there are several natural beaches. Inside it is a perfect family vacation apartment with two double bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom.The transfer moves from the island of Murter and takes 15 minutes. It is possible to arrange transportation throughout the day.
Savudrija lighthouse
Savudrija Lighthouse, built in 1818, is the oldest lighthouse on the Adriatic. Within the lighthouse there is an apartment with two double bedrooms, a kitchen, anteroom and bathroom, and the sea is only 20 meters away. Its light signal is visible to a distance of 17 NM or 32 kilometers, a height of 36 meters. Savudrija Lighthouse is only 9 km away from Umag, and it can be easily reached by car, bicycle or boat.

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