The Neretva Valley – an intact part of nature.

PHOTO: Zvonimir Barisin / CROPIX
The Neretva Delta spreads over a large area some 90 minutes’ drive north of Dubrovnik. Also known as the “Mandarin Valley”. As you drive through the valley you will notice roadside stands selling all kinds of local produce, from the tree to your mouth. Discover the charms  of one of the last wetlands on European soil, its flora and fauna, the diversity of birds and the traditional way of life in this region.  Another way to discover this strangely beautiful region is with the Neretva Foto Safari, which also takes in Kuti Lake, site of a mysterious sunken town. The towns of Opuzen and Metković lie on the banks of the Neretva River and offer the best of traditional Neretva cuisine: eels, frogs, game and seafood, as well as local wine and spirits. And if you want to taste the true Neretva try the praised “Neretva brudet”.
 Photo safari in the Neretva river
Photo safari in the Neretva river channels, as a day trip, attracts more and more tourists.  Boat trips through the channels is organized a day trip for tourists who are on vacation in hotels along the Adriatic coast.  Ride through narrow canals and a river of Neretva in traditional Neretva vessel is a unique experience that gives you a sense of nirvana. While seated in the boat you are constantly discovering beautiful details, like birds, fish, colourful plants, landscapes, mountains, magnificent colours of the sky … and you want to capture all of your beautiful impressions with a camera  and have it forever.
The Neretva boat (lađa) marathon
Each year, the second Saturday in August  amateur rowing competition is held from Metković to Ploče, 22.5km along the Neretva river.Traditionally, the Boat Marathon is not only a tourist attraction it is also a way of preserving heritage. Lađe boats, used for centuries for the transportation of people, animals and framing produce, were also central to a number of significant life events, such as weddings and funerals. The winners normally achieve their goal in about 2 hours and 15 minutes. The most exciting aspect of the race each year is the start. With more than 300 competitiors in 30 odd ladje in two rows, combined with the rhythmic beating of the drums by each team’s drummer, makes for a colorful and noisy spectacle. Marathon under the bridge in Metkovic it attracts more and more tourists each year.
Museum:  Archaeological Museum Narona
The Narona Archaeological Museum in  Croatia is located in the small village of Vid near Metković between the well-known historical cities of Split and Dubrovnik.The beautiful Archeological museum Narona in Vid, a unique “in situ” museum, exhibits a total of 900 findings dating from the 3rd century BC until the 15th century. Built on the ruins of the ancient town, the museum opened to the public in 2007 and is first museum in Croatia located in situ.
The Mouth of the Neretva – Kitesurfing and Kiteboarding  
A good wind, sandy beach, and shallow sea make this location extraordinary for kitesurfing, especially for beginners.Sport that is a combination of paragliding, snowboarding and windsurfing provides maximum enjoyment. Because of the strong winds, kitesurfing is guaranteed at almost any time.The Mistral start blowing at 10am and it reaches its maximum at 2pm and slowly dies at sundown. You can get there from two directions: If you coming from Split, when you pass city Ploče and Rogotin, pass over bridge over river Neretva and after 1km turn left: after 3 km you are directly on the spot. Another direction is from Dubrovnik: in Opuzen turn left in Blace direction and after 8 km you are on sea side, and just follow the road.

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