Telašćica Nature Park pearl of the Adriatic

The Nature Park Telaščica is situated on the south part of the island Dugi Otok and very close to the National Park Kornati. The name „Telaščica“ probably derives from the Latin name of “tre lagus” which means “three lakes”. It consists of three parts which are separated by constriction. These three parts are Tripuljak, Farfarikulac and Telašćica.
Telašćica is approachable by land and partly by road, but for the most part via hiking trails. Telašćica as one of the safest, the most beautiful and the largest havens on the Adriatic that includes 25 small bays and 69 km of the well-indented coastline.
There are eight marked and regulated hiking tracks that lead to vantage point. The undersea world has more than 300 plant and 300 animal species.
The cliffs of the island Dugi otok or locally called “Stene” rising up to 200 m over the sea, and vertically falling down 90 m into the sea. There are many nesting birds such as the peregrine falcon and the Eleonora’s falcon.
Lake Mir is located in the southwestern part of Telašćica Nature Park, is a favorite location for bathers. Water temperature in summer can be up to 6 ° C warmer than the near seawater temperature. We have a beautiful view from above to the Nature park and the entire archipelago on one side and the cliffs and the sea on the other side.
The rocks are very sharp and there are many bushes with thorns, so definitely wear a firm shoes. Scuba diving is possible also with the permission and only on specific locations (that are changeable). Next to the port of Telašćica is a restaurant where you can relax after visiting the nature park.
How to get there
There are no direct ferry links from Biograd, but you can get to the park from Zadar by ferry. To find departure times for ferries between Zadar and Dugi Otok, visit (

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