Motovun – a city in the mountains

Motovun is a tiny medieval town perched atop a hill in central Istria and the name of Celtic origin – Montona – a city in the mountains. The main street leads up to the entrance to the city, and during the whole climb you can enjoy the beauty of beautiful Istria through the slopes between the houses.In Motovun, you can find local artists carving wooden figures and stores selling local delicacies open all year long. The town is  known for the local food and wine specialities that are sold in many of the shops, often with the opportunity to taste before you buy. There are also many restarants serving the local specialities.
The sturdy door and the tall tower, erected in the 16th century, below which the main city gate is situated, will bring you to the oldest part of the city.
In the main square of Andrea Antico can be found the parish church of St. Peter. Stjepan, which was built in the 17th century and with it is a bell tower. In the church there are a number of works of art (the marble statues of F. Bonazze, ceiling painters from the 18th century, the organ of G. Calid and silverware.
Motovun forest is the most well-known truffle habitat, highly appreciated mushroom growing under the ground. Motovun-Montona is surrounded by vineyards from which the finest Istrian wines, white wine Malvasia and red wine Teran, are produced.
In June it is competing in flying balloons to warm air. Each year during the last week of July and the beginning of August, the Motovun International Film Festival takes place. Every October and November, Motovun opens its door to the White Truffle Fair. Brave to the top can also be the longest Istrian staircase – 1052 stairs waiting for you.

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