Camps Highlights

Bungalows Pine Beach Pakostane – break with a rustic style.

If you just want to escape and forget it all, Pine Beach is the place to do it.
This property is a 4-minute walk from the beach. Camp Pine Beach Pakoštane – All Inclusive is located in the middle of 180 000 m² of pine forests, close to Pakostane and 30 km from Zadar. The resort Pine Beach Pakostane offers 480 Polynesian-type huts, tile floors, beds and closet, without electricity or water (only common areas are equipped with lighting).  There’s a ton of activities to choose from at the Pine Beach, including mini-golf, rock-climbing, aerobics, Pilates, bocce,tennis/table tennis, basketball, beach volleyball, football and archery and kayaking, mini gym and free internet. Bring the lights to the interior of your bungalows … at night it will be very dark. I advise you to rent a car if you want to see it in the vicinity as there is plenty to see and do.

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