Rovinj was originally an island that was only landed in the second half of the 18th century by embankment. On the sea side, the town is protected by a high rocky coastline and the walls of houses built on the cliffs, and towards the mainland by solid walls. He grew up on his rich fishing tradition and became famous for the unique batana boat and bitinade songs. Church of Sv. Euphemia is also the highest point of Rovinj with a magical view of the city. It is a place that offers countless possibilities – cultural attractions, archaeological sites, culinary specialties.
Experience the sights of this magical town
Sv. Euphemia
Sv. According to the legends, on 13 July 1800, Euphemia approached the beach of Baluoto in his marble sarcophagus. Sarcophagus Euphemia is located behind the eponymous altar in the southern chapel of the church. It is stated to be from IV. or V century by Christ, and was entirely made of white Greek marble. The belfry is open to tourists, and you need good fitness for climbing steep wooden steps from which you have a magnificent view of Rovinj. Statue of St. Euphemia turns to the wind direction and shows it with his right hand.
Visit the Batana Museum
You can watch a 15 – minute movie about batman building accompanied by the ballads of the traditional “Rovinj” a capella song. Here, you can buy CDs with Rovinj music, as well as Recipe books from the House of Batana.
City Bridge
A city bridge, a reddish tower that rises above the surrounding buildings. It was built in the 12th century and was once part of the city walls.
Town halls and doors
Already in the 7th century the city was perpetuated by city ramparts, later reinforced and flooded city towers. The city had seven doors, and three were preserved: Benedict, Portico, and Holy Cross Gate.
Franciscan monastery
The construction of this beautiful baroque building was started in 1702. The church was completed in 1710 and is dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi. The monastic library stores a collection of about twelve thousand books of theological contents, some of which are from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries and are rare.
Things to do in Rovinj
Grisia Street – Atelier under the skies
The street is picturesque paved and curved on stone stairs. It is famous for numerous galleries and gathering artists from all over the world. The annual outdoor art exhibition has been here since the summer of 1967 every other Sunday in August. Small galleries of these paintings on the walls and pews house attract many visitors.
Romantic batana ride
A rowing trip on a batana is a unique and memorable experience of the town for all its visitors! Batana is a traditional small fishing boat from Rovinj. It’s a 4.5-8 m long wooden boat with flat bottom, and a sail. As a perfect end of the day, includes a ride in a traditional batana around Rovinj’s old town at dawn, illuminated by an ancient lantern.
House of Batana | t: +385 52 812 593 | Website
Scuba diving
One of the most beautiful ways to explore the sea is to swim in the sea whit mask, snorkel and flippers.The most popular shipwreck, the Baron Gautsch, is perfectly preserved and the most visited shipwreck in all Croatia. This steamer sunk in 1914. Today it wreck lies at depths of 28-40 m, 12,5 NM off the coast of Rovinj. Many local diving centers offer organized dives on the Baron Gautsch site. A single dive with a boat trip costs 60 € per person.
Diving Center Puffer | m: +385 95 902 55 43 | Websit
In the very center of Rovinj is one of the most beautiful markets. There is a very rich selection of Istrian specialties, honey, truffles, olive oil, homemade brandy with medicinal herbs and well-known doctors, brandy with honey.
Bars, Clubs & Nightlife
You will find many cafes, wines and cocktail bars, perfect for drinks, but not intense club scenes or nightlife. Nightlife is just as laid-back as the whole ambience of the town. No noisy clubs; just bars and coffee shops where you can kick back and relax.
Valentino Cocktail & Champagene Bar
The romantic, dreamy atmosphere is arguably the greatest strength of Valentino. From the Valentino bar on the rocks you can experience a beautiful view of the sunset while enjoying the relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere.
Contact:Santa Croce 28 – Old town
Aperitiv Bar Circolo
Circolo is a cocktail bar located on a small square, just off Carerra Street. The location will be recognized by vintage interiors and large terraces. A fine breakfast, a good cocktail or a party with live music is a recipe for great fun and socializing in Circolo.
Mediterranean cafe and cocktail bar
The Mediterraneo bar has a rooftop exit as well as a fantastic sea view, the island of St. Catherine. Here you can enjoy the sunset with Pina Colada, Mojito, Daiquiri, Caipirinhu, or Cosmopolitan, specialties are a real summer – with fresh fruit.
Beach Rovinj
Who goes?
Rent a bike and spend the day zipping around from one bay to the next. There are pedalos and rowing boats aplenty.
Lone Bay beach
The Lone Bay beach is covered with pebbles and is suitable for families with children, is situated near the entrance to the Golden Point Park, so its wonderful trees ensure shade for those who do not wish to be exposed to the sun. For those who prefer privacy, small rocky beaches can be found in the vicinity.
Amarin Beach
Amarin Beach is located 3 kilometers from the center of town to the north and is also one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. The beach is partly gravel and partly rocky. You can rent here deck-chairs, sunshades, pedal boats, scooters and sailboards.  Above the beach is placed famous tourist settlement and a camp Amarin, where you can find a great choice of restaurants and bars.
Skaraba beach
Quiet places amidst the pine forest ideal for get away and enjoy nature and the crystal clear water. Beach Scaraba has arranged access to the sea. On the beach you can relax and enjoy sunbathing on the rocky cliff. It is an ideal for all those who enjoy jumping, because it has no arranged sea entrance. On the beach Scaraba there are no catering services.

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