Omiš –  a town between the Mosor Mountain located at the foot of the Cetina river.
Omiš is located between the Cetina River and the Adriatic Sea. A small historic town is located 25 kilometers south of Split on the Croatian Dalmatian coast. While on the one hand it is bordered by steep Dinara, on the other side it is surrounded by the mouth of the Cetina River and the Adriatic Sea. Landscapes around Omiš are well known for outdoor activities like rafting and canyoning as the most adventurous trip.
How to get to Omiš
From Zagreb to Omiš it is easiest to reach by car by the A1 motorway to Split, then continue another 20 kilometers south of the Adriatic highway. Those traveling from the direction of Dubrovnik and Makarska can travel all the way along the main road in the direction of Split.
We visited Mirabela Fort
Fort Mirabela or Peovica, is located above the Omis Old Town itself.
It was built in the 13th century and served as an observer of the enemy, most often the Venetian. The road to the top of the fort leads narrow stairs in the rock and should be watched during the climb. On the top of the fortress there is a view from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of Omis and the Brac Channel. Various pirate souvenirs can be found at the entrance.
St. Peter’s Church
The most important building in Omis is St. Peter’s Church, built in the 10Th. Small, but historically very valuable church in Omiš is located on the right bank of the Cetina river. This single-naved edifice, with a cupola and apse, was used in the 18th century as a Glagolithic seminary for novice priests.
House of a Happy Man
Walking on small lanes at almost every step you can come across an interesting square or house. One of them was particularly interesting, the locals call it “House of Happy Man”. The name was given by the inscription above the front door, and on it, translated from Latin, it says: “I thank you, Lord, that I have been in this world” (GRATIAS AGO TIBI DNE QUIA FUI IN HOC WORLD). This is a good place to take pictures.
Canyoning for the bravest ones
You can enjoy the canyoning in truly stunning and untouched nature. Swim in crystal clear water, jump into natural river pools, sea waterfalls, and stroll through caves. All you need for this beginner canyoning excursion is an adventurous spirit and being ready to take exciting pictures.
Rock Climbing
There are 14 climbing sectors and pretty much all are really easy to approach. All you need is a good sportsware and, of course, adventurous spirit. There are several places where you can rent quality climbing equipment in Omiš and you can also inquire about professional tour guides there.
If you have enough courage to explore the mystery of depths Diving Clubs offer courses for beginner divers. Depending on the level of diving experience, they even offer night-time dives. Divers can go to depths of fifteen meters in the Cetina canyon. There they can see the remains of David’s Bridge and Mostina, a former stone embankment made by the local pirates to ground enemy ships. In the nearby sea, the wreck of a former merchant ship lies at a depth of twenty meters.
 Festival of the Dalmatian a chapel
The town of Omiš is best known for its Festival of the Dalmatian a cappella singing groups, or on Croatian “Dalmatinskih Klapa Festival” Singing in multilevel, without accompaniment to musicians. Originally sung “on the ear”, lead voice is sung exclusively by one person. The festival runs throughout the whole July.
Omiš and the Pirates – a real magnet for tourists
Pirate battle – the most visited tourist event in Dalmatia. The event is unique by reconstructing the original pirate battle that took place in the 13th century. In the town of Omis, the Venetians sail into the harbor on a large sailboat, and pirates from small boats attack the sailboat, hear cobra and pirate cannons. It’s a free, effective and fascinating event.
Restaurant Bastion
We were looking for a place to eat with a glass of wine to revive us. The fish and lamb were excellent and came with a very nice selection of vegetables. Local wines are really good and affordable. Everything was good But be ready to wait for your order when place is overcrowded.
We went to Radman’s Mill
The boat trip from Omiš lasted forty minutes on a 6 km long river section.
We enjoyed watching the fish that were seen in the crystal clear river. Radman’s mills offer a wide selection of local specialties. We chose Dalmatian ham, homemade bread and veal with potatoes baked under the bell.
Beach Duce
This riviera has a large number of sandy beaches. Duce Beach is one of the most popular places to swim, especially families with small children. There are restaurants and cafes beside the coast, so you can enjoy dalmatian specialties in the bathing breaks or just sip a drink whilst enjoying the crystal clear sea.

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